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Abiding Citizen


Chad and Teri-Lynn Friesen are a husband and wife duo from Winnipeg, Manitoba. By day, Chad works as a Realtor and Teri-Lynn as a theatre artist. What we have in common is our shared appreciation for any tasty drink, delicious food, and good art. Abiding Citizen is the result a fun hobby that turned into a passion. It started by experimenting with different drinks that Chad made for our friends, now we are excited to share our beverages with you!

We may not have formal training, but we know what we think tastes good. Through the years we have grown our palettes by exploring cuisine and beverages from around the world, most recently travelling to Chile for some food, wine and adventure. We enjoy a great evening at the many fabulous restaurants in the Winnipeg area. At the end of the day though, we spend most of our time hanging out at our friends homes and so our products were created with that in mind. Easy to make, delicious to consume and able to be customized to any guest, we hope that you'll enjoy creating drinks with our product whether you are an experienced bartender or cocktail enthusiast.

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