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Angel's Share Cocktail Co


The Negroni changed my life. Maybe by the second or third sip I was instantly obsessed with becoming a student of mixology. But not in the traditional sense of starting as a bar-back and working up to get shifts behind the stick. At that time, I was in the back of the house, pursuing a career in the culinary arts. I trusted my palate, understood unique and unexpected flavour combinations and was fortunate enough to work under visionary chefs who introduced me to advanced techniques. That was my career at the time, so cocktails became my hobby. I set out to pick up as many cocktail books as I could, planned trips around touring distilleries, and visited outstanding cocktail bars frequently. All along I wanted to approach my cocktail education with one goal in mind - to be able to produce quality cocktails at home.

Fortunately, MP shares the same passion for cocktails, which means we get to pursue this ridiculous passion together. For her, it was a Zombie while sitting at the wood at a popular tiki bar in Montreal during the dead of winter, watching as the bartender set the half lime ablaze where she knew cocktails, and home-mixology would be her new hobby. Once the flame petered out and the first sip transported her away from the cold Montreal winter to somewhere tropical, warm and exotic, that she realized that a great cocktail started with quality ingredients - juices and hand crafted syrups, but also relied on proper techniques, showmanship, knowledge of spirits and flavour combinations. Together we set out to prove to ourselves that we could create these experiences at home.

It took years, but our love of mixology has inspired us to create a collection of products that will encourage anyone to take up cocktails and mixology as a hobby. We have designed an expansive menu featuring classic cocktails as well as an ever changing list of original cocktails. Our Originals collections leverage my experience gained from working in kitchens and understanding flavours and techniques and pairs this with all the cocktail knowledge gained through our obsessive hobby. Through our social media platforms and blog we will showcase showmanship, and various techniques we have picked up along the way in hopes that we can encourage the aspiring home-mixologist. We hope that through our products and platforms, we can spark a passion for quality home-mixology within each of our customers.

We also recognize that our learning isn't done. We admire and have tremendous respect for the professional bartenders who's livelihoods rely on patrons at their establishments. In such a competitive business these professionals are constantly changing the rules, introducing new techniques, plays on classics, flavours and layering quality spirits to craft works of liquid art. That's why we also wanted to create a space for the promotion of cocktail culture, where everyone from professionals to hobbyists like us can share ideas and inspirations. Our social media pages and blog will be this medium and we hope to break down the barriers of secrecy that has plagued the history of cocktails and encourage a collaborative and respectful atmosphere. We want to create a space where enthusiasts like us can talk cocktails, learn and be inspired.

We are very excited and humbled to be able to turn our hobby into something that we can share with you. Now, more than ever, we thank you for your support and hope for the chance to talk cocktails with you.


Shane + M-P

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