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Bear Naked Wonders


My products are based on science, chemistry and history. A balance of different ingredients to create the perfect impression was a complex process which took me years to master. The Bear Naked Wonders Products Commercial value is made up of the blend and not solely or primarily on, or in the Bear Grease (Fat).

The making of my products demanded both knowledge and creativity. After years of suffering with extreme Osteoarthritis and with no relief from prescription medication I started using Bear Oil. I am a hunter myself and was first introduced to Bear Fat as a young child. Black Bear was something we as a family hunted, we ate, we used the fat and I have also made mukluks and moccasins with the hide.

Although the Bear Fat provided me with much pain relief, reduced swelling and helped the inflammation it was much less than pleasant to both wear and apply. It usually had an unpleasant odor, was very oily and could not easily be rendered. Over the years I started researching more about Rendering, Plant based Essential Oils, Shea Oils and other products that would make using this amazing FAT more user friendly.

Without the addition of other Essential Oils, the Bear Fat itself would not be desirable and generally not used by many others than Indigenous and Metis people that have the skill to render, the knowledge, the appreciation or the access to such a precious resource.

I am grateful that Manitoba Conservation is making it possible for me to collect the Bear Fat that was a WASTE and thrown away to now be able to use in my product line.

We now have made it possible to bring the best that Nature, Science, and an artistic imagination has to offer to create effective, healing skin care products.

It’s something everyone and every race should be able to experience the healing benefits of.

So, as you have read, after many years of trial and error the Bear Naked Wonders products were carefully designed with Creativity, Skill and Imagination. It truly is an ART to have created this blend from such an amazing resource along with other simple natural ingredients. Without the Shea, Coconut and Essential Oils making up the Value of the product it would not otherwise be marketable.

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