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Bee Boyzz Honey


The Paseschnikoff family story began simply with the love of bees.
The peace and calm they bring to you as you tend them, natures therapy really.

Konstantin Sr. first fell in love with them many years ago in Venezuela where he tended approximately 50 hives. When the family immigrated to Canada in the 1960’s the bee romance continued on a hobby basis and was passed down to Kon Jr. as a young boy. He learned then the fascination of tending a hive. With the busyness of life and market gardening for the Paseschnikoffs the beekeeping faded away and was abandoned but never far from their hearts. Just before Dad passed away he suggested to Kon Jr. that they get back into beekeeping. Kon balked the idea at first, but eventually gave in. Well, Dad passed away and the day after his funeral Kon got the call that the bees were in and ready to be picked up. He said “I just can’t do this”. Julie encouraged him that he could and that spring bought him all new gear to start his adventure. Things all started there. Kon found that the bees brought him closer to Dad, and still do to this day. You will find Kon speaking Russian to his bees in his bee yards every spring/summer as he tends them. They helped him through his grief and since then he has never looked back.

The small family apiary is in Oak Bluff, Manitoba on McGillivray Boulevard. The Paseschnikoffs run approx 200 hives with Kon, Julie, and three children Katarina (25), Daniel (20) and Gregori (18). The love affair with bees continues to the next generation. To think that Dad’s bee passion created the Paseschnikoff family business to this day.

The company name was born from the “boys” tending the bees, the name just came to them one day around the kitchen table and it stuck. Bee Boyzz. They thought it was catchy and trendy and represented them. They realized if they wanted to stay afloat in the honey world they would have to diversify the honey as wholesale honey prices are very low and they wouldn’t be able to stay in business or grow if they didn’t do something. The Paseschnikoffs wanted to produce a unique and quality product.

So, over the past couple of years they worked to create their brand and flavoured honey varieties as well as all natural creamed and liquid honey. The kids helped with all business aspects, from tending the honey bee hives, honey extraction, mixing honey, labeling and delivery. Who knows maybe one day they will make this their life’s work and diversify again.

So, the Paseschnikoff family story is simple.

It’s the love of bees and family, working together and creating a quality product, from their family to yours

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