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Our Makers


Birch Bark Coffee Co


Our Coffee Story.

Established in March 2018, Birch Bark coffee is certified organic, Fair Trade coffee that is SPP (the acronym of the Spanish name, Simbolo de Pequeños Productores) certified, meaning that it's grown and produced by farmers that are Indigenous descendants.

We recognize the need for an Indigenous inclusion continuum that extends globally, beginning with the Indigenous women and men farmers producing Birch Bark coffee beans to the customers supporting our cause-driven movement to the Indigenous families across Canada impacted by poor water conditions.

Here at the Birch Bark Coffee Company, we believe that an on-going process of choice instills, not just a collective self-determination, but also an individual self-determination and nurtures a journey for people to determine their own economic, social and cultural improvement and at the same time ensuring our beans are ethically sourced.

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