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Canadian Lake Wild Rice


Horseshoe Lake was founded by Gus Carlson and has been a family run business for over 50 years.Wild Rice lake

It is located in an isolated area in central eastern Manitoba in the pre-Cambrian shield. Manitoba's pristine lakes are free from herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals thus providing excellent growing conditions for wild rice.

This lake produces some of the best organic rice in Canada.

Gus built his log cabin in the 50's and it is still standing today. He started harvesting when back in 1942 he was 24 years old and by 1945 he built one of Manitoba's first rice process plant.

The lake is harvested 4-5 times in the fall, with 3-4 days spans between pickings (depending on the weather). As rice ripens it is easily knocked off by the wind making timing critical. During harvest approximately 60 percent of the crop has fallen back into the lake and is used as seed the following years.

A Turbo Otter floatplane flys in to pick up a load of green wild rice. When wild rice is harvested, it contains 40 to 60 percent moisture, it must go through a "curing" and "parching" process to dry the rice preparing it for final packaging.

Canadian Lake Wild Rice is packaged in lined hand crafted unbleached cotton bags making great gifts.

While it is low in calories and fat, and high in protein and natural fiber, it also contains a wide variety of minerals and vitamins such as riboflavin and niacin.

The harvested rice allows people to enjoy a very unique texture, nutty in flavor and high in protein making Wild Rice is a highly sought-after commodity.

Wild Rice kept dry will keep for years.

1 cup of wild rice will yield 3 to 4 cups of cook rice.

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