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Our Makers


Cards by Keeks


Kyla Donkersgoed – being the artist that she is – followed a jungle path on her way to present day. Her passion for new experiences, and knowledge have taken her from Thailand to Nova Scotia to Thailand and back. She’s taught English, studied Fine Arts, International Development Studies, and Business, she’s worked at a flower shop, for government and more. This eclectic hodge podge of living and learning has given way to a well-rounded perspective she can only be thankful for. Each stop on her journey has come along with a sketchbook full of doodles.

It seemed a natural progression to take her small works and put them on cards. When her boss at the flower shop suggested she sell them at her shop, it was the perfect place to start. Since then Kyla has gained stockists all across Canada, from Whistler BC to Guelph Ontario.

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