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Our Makers


Ceabloo Soap Co.


Soap making started out for me as a small hobby, something to keep me busy when I am not working in my full time career. However, as I continued to make soaps for my family and friends, I started becoming more and more fascinated by the process and pleased with my end results. I further studied and research about the craft, ventured out to procure a wider variety of natural sustainable ingredients, and began to create more selections of healthier soaps.

What started out as a hobby is now a passion. It is a passion to create different varieties of high quality soaps that would cater to individual needs and preferences. It is a humbling feeling to know that what you are creating helps others to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I understand that soap is a very personal article as it is something that you caress onto your skin and it is for this reason that I also would like to give you my personal commitment that any CEABLOO soap you purchase is a high quality product made from all natural ingredients and personally handmade by myself.

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