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I was raised in a small village in the countryside of Yorkshire, England. I was very lucky as a child; my parents loved to travel and we spent our vacations exploring different countries in Europe. I was exposed to a multitude of varied cuisines and was encouraged to try different foods, though I found out years later that my mum would often order something for herself that she knew we would like in case we didn't like what we ordered and she would switch with us! I think this started my love of food and travel. As a young adult, I continued the travel dream by working on cruise ships. When I decided to move to Canada I was going to Vancouver, but decided to first stop in Winnipeg as I had somewhere to stay. Well, needless to say, I never made it to Vancouver and Winnipeg has been my home since 2001.

Decadence Chocolates came about following an unsuccessful attempt to make truffles and treats as Christmas presents one year. Everything tasted fabulous but didn't look very good. The experience, however, made me realize that I really enjoyed the process and decided to learn more. I took an online course through Ecole Chocolat which taught the history of chocolate, the process of handling chocolate in addition to the creation and decoration of chocolate bon bons. There was plenty of experimentation in creating this range of chocolates; the results were very popular with family and friends. I have since travelled to the Callebaut Institute in Quebec to further my studies. In 2015 I decided to take the chocolate process one step further by taking two further courses on how to make chocolate from the bean. We are now small batch processing single origin chocolate which we sell by the bar. Come into the store and see and smell the process in our open kitchen.

There is a passion to be found in food and this most definitely includes chocolates. This passion can be tasted in our product. We start with the best quality of chocolate and carry this through to include the non-chocolate ingredients. While the chocolate itself is the soul, the filling is the heart and we carefully match the heart and soul to create delectable sweets to tempt and tease your palate. The fun and exciting part is the experimentation with different chocolates, flavours and colours. New and unexpected flavours aren't always created ... sometimes they just happen ... and a new favourite is found.

I continue to research every time I travel and hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them.

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