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Our Makers


Erlen Meyer


My name is Roby, and I am the creator behind Erlenmeyer Designs. To start, a lot of people ask me what or where the name Erlenmeyer Designs is from. To answer that question, when I am not making and crafting, I am a full time chemistry and biology teacher. Science, specifically chemistry is my favourite class to teach, so the name is from the Erlenmeyer flask glassware used in chemistry labs. While I have my B.Sc in biochemistry, dabbled in psychology with my B.A, and finally decided to earn my B.Ed and a M.Ed in curriculum, learning, and teaching, I’ve always had this interest in designing and making things. I am a naturally curious person which can be a double edged sword as I am curious in making new things, while sometimes having too many things on my plate!

My intent for Erlenmeyer Designs is to create original items that are different than the ordinary while incorporating my love for science into the equation. I am a strong advocate of being original with my designs where I spend most of my time drawing or adapting designs on Illustrator. I believe there is a sense of authenticity, rawness and audacity in creativity as it challenges us to be out of our comfort zone. I am grateful for such a supportive maker community in the city, and humbled by the responses that I have received.

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