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Fiber Artistry


Growing up on a bio-dynamic farm in Germany I learned to appreciate the abundance and beauty of nature - provided freely at the price of hard work.

Fibre work was an integral part of my upbringing and I learned to manipulate wool from my grandmother at the early age of three. I took an immediate liking to the endless possibilities of the material and have worked with it ever since.

Aside from 9 years of running a farm in Southern Manitoba, I earned a living in the social field. Throughout this time I always had fibre projects on the go and taught myself through experimenting and sharing with other fibre enthusiasts.

Other artistic pursuits include Photography (self-taught), Dance (studied Eurythmy for 4 years with Wendalyn von Meyenfeld, North Vancouver) and Art Therapy through Watercolor and Form Drawing (studied for 4 years with Monika Gold, West Vancouver). I am indebted to R. Steiner's work for inspiration and encouragement

I have taught watercolor painting and form drawing at Windsor House School, North Vancouver, worked in watercolors with schizophrenic adults in Kahumana, Hawaii, US and have taught water color painting at teacher's conferences in Kirov and Rostov, Russia.

In 2006 I returned to Canada after working in Switzerland for 7 years and decided to leave the professional field to pursue a full time livelihood as artisan.

The first choice of medium was fibre, hence the name FIBREARTISTRY. The versatility and inherent charm of wool is apparent in the diverse applications it has found in the recent revival of the ancient tradition of felting.

I particularly enjoy working with the nuno-technique because it allows for the exploration of ever finer materials and fascinating textures.

Most of my wool is sourced locally. I like to meet the producers - farmers as well as sheep, that is...

I am no stranger to the Winnipeg craft scene, having run the Prairie Craft Gallery (Portage and Main Concourse) for 3 years from 1987 to 1989 before moving to Vancouver.

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