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Our Makers


George Bird


George Bird is an accomplished Canadian soapstone carver based in Manitoba, Canada. A member of the Cree First Nation, George was born in Northern Manitoba in 1970 and grew up in the community of South Indian Lake.

He first learned how to work with soapstone during his high school years, where he was mentored by fellow artists George Arlook, Bart Lavalee, and Howard Moose. George continued to work his art in Winnipeg, Manitoba and later on Quadra Island, British Columbia, before returning to his hometown. He now works part time at the local nursing station and carves.

George draws his inspiration for his carvings from his native Cree heritage and his love of the northern wilderness. Most of his pieces are of birds and abstract human figures, figures most often from Cree legends that his grandfather told him when they were out at camp on the trapline when George was a child. George's works have been sold in art galleries in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Los Angeles.

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