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Happy Daisy Gourmet Dog Food


It All Started With Daisy...

A little over 2 years ago I started looking into what I could do to improve the health of Daisy my Yorkie. She suffered from seizures almost her entire life. The seizures started up when she was just a puppy and quickly progressed in duration, frequency and severity as she got older. (If you’ve never witnessed a seizure, it’s absolutely terrifying and heart breaking.) No amount or combination of medication was working anymore, neither were the various prescription foods we were feeding.

I discovered dog nutrition and suddenly both of our lives changed. Not only did I spend over a year extensively doing research and becoming nutritionally certified, I finally turned my passion for animals into my life calling.

Since making the switch to fresh, species appropriate food + treats Daisy has been seizure free. She is the healthiest and happiest she’s ever been in life, and thus Happy Daisy started.

We are more than just a good food and great treat company, Happy Daisy is a lifestyle.

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