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Our Makers


Heather Robertson


Heather is a Winnipeg photographer who records images, memories and scenes on film/digital files and creates photographic artwork.

Having worked in the photographic industry, both darkroom and behind the camera, Heather has been able to draw on this experience to help create her own style of photographic imagery.

I’ve travelled throughout Manitoba taking pictures of the Polar bears in Churchill, hiking and snowshoeing at Pisew Falls in the winter, camping with my dog and just driving around Manitoba to see what it has to offer.

I worked on a feature film set here in Winnipeg as a PA and also got to be in the film. (I’m pretty sure they kept the 3 sec shot in the movie).

“The Exchange District” in downtown Winnipeg is my favourite place to shoot. The buildings and the cobblestone still shine with turn of the century architecture and style.”

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