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Our Makers


Miss Kleos


Kleo is my furbaby. She is the reason I started making 100% human grade dog treats. Kleo became ill and after a very expensive trip to the Vet, it was determined it was the treats I was feeding her. Basically I was told I was poisioning my dog!! So after a lot of research I decided to just make my own. Then everyone I knew wanted me to make them some. Viola - Kleos Cookies n Treats was born. It became such a passion that I am now a Certified Pet Nutritionist.

All ingredients are locally sourced straight from the small family farms so I know exactly what I'm getting and so do you! Free range meats and organic vegetables only! All Antlers are Canadian - never imported!

After doing a lot of research I found that there are basically no regulations in Canada with regards to pet treats. So I started researching healthy ingredients and making my own. And here I am today making thousands of dog cookies and treats every week.

I research every ingredient I put into the treats to make sure they are not only going to enjoy them but they are healthy as well. I have a wide variety of treats and also do special orders if your dog has any allergies/illness that needs to be worked around.

Every fur babe deserves a treat!

Miss Kleo

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