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Our Makers




Handcrafting the finest chocolates and confections since 1959.

Mordens’ of Winnipeg opened its doors in 1959, when Blake and Shirley Morden founded Winnipeg’s first chocolate-making business. With a little training, a lot of hard work and endless determination, Blake and Shirley built Mordens’ into a beloved confectionary destination.

In the early days, the entire Morden family worked side by side to build the business. Blake and Shirley were supported immensely by Blake’s parents, Fred Sr. and Lily. Blake and Shirley’s children, Cara, Shannon, and Fred, joined the family business as soon as they were old enough to fold a peanut brittle box.

Four generations later, the innovation and passion for quality continues. The Morden family now produces over 70 varieties of chocolates, confections and nuts.

At Mordens’ of Winnipeg, we are passionate about providing top quality, delicious products to our customers. As a family-owned and operated business, we pride ourselves in selecting premium ingredients and producing the finest chocolates and confections.

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