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Our Makers


Palliser Avenue


Janina and Julie grew up on Palliser Avenue in Winnipeg, MB. As sisters and best friends, they always had a passion for fashion. Often they would "steal" each other's accessories and clothes and always keep up with the latest trends. As they got older, and entered the professional workforce they noticed a shortage in timeless and affordable accessories. They needed pieces that could make a statement in the boardroom, while maintaining its stamina at the desk. They started their research, and quickly realized they had to make their own pieces to meet their needs. Handmade jewelry, complimented by handpicked purses and scarves comes naturally to these hardworking women. They believe in making girls, women, and ladies of all walks of life feel beautiful with the purse they carry, the jewelry they wear, and the scarf they use. Janina and Julie will make it a priority to make every customer feel confident in the products they choose.

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