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Our Makers


Rachael Kroeker Ceramics


Rachael Kroeker is a full time ceramic artist from Winnipeg, Mb, Canada. She completed her BFA with honours in 2009 from the University of Manitoba and was an artist in residence at Medalta, Medicine Hat in 2010. She has participated in a number of shows throughout the years including invitationals and group exhibitions. From 2014-2020, Rachael was a member of the Stoneware Gallery, a long running pottery collective in Winnipeg. In 2021, Rachael mentored her first summer apprentice, teaching her production process and how to run a successful creative business.

Rachael’s work can be found in a number of galleries throughout Canada and has been published in The Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Free Press and the Galleries West magazine.

For the last several years I have focused on producing sleek, modern tableware for daily use and admiration. I primarily work with plaster moulds and liquid clay in a technique called slip casting. I am involved in every step of the process, from making/finding models, creating the plaster moulds, mixing my casting slip, casting the pieces, loading multiple firings and sanding each and every piece.

I have developed my signature style of marbled pottery by adding commercial stains into my clay bodies, and blending black and white porcelain together. Each piece is one hundred percent unique with no two marbling affects ever being the same. The exterior of each piece is unglazed, but has been sanded multiple times to create a soft, supple surface just waiting to be touched.

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