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Sarah Neville Studios


Hi everyone!!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself
-My name is Sarah and I'm a Winnipeg based Artist
-I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts Honours from the
University of Manitoba's School of Art, where I majored in painting
-I love children's book illustrating,
it's one of my favourite things to create!
-My favourite animal is a Hammerhead Shark and I dressed
as one for Halloween 4 years in a row in my youth.
-I absolutely love dogs and
they are one of my favourite subjects to paint,
I created over 20 oil paintings of our husky in the 7 years we had her
-In 2015, myself and 3 artists I share a studio with, created the first ever
art gallery on a frozen river. You could skate through our gallery
that was shaped like an upside down York Boat.
-I love horror movies and true crime podcasts!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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