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Smoke Show


Smoke Show began not with a vision, but with a hangover.

Hoping to make the most of what was lining up to be a lost day,
Dave Rose decided he would produce a hot sauce of his own, picking up the jalapenos he needed on his way to his parents’ house. Meanwhile, his brother Nick waited for him with ribs in a smoker, unaware that all of these factors would conspire to create a National food Brand built on serendipity and smoked jalapeños.

On that fateful summer afternoon in 2015
under a haze of smoke and sun, Smoke Show would be born in a moment of fraternal telepathy when the Rose Bros put the peppers in the smoker before blending them into sauce. It was a small, spontaneous step, but it changed everything.

There was something interesting about this smoky, maple syrup infused ooze.
Interesting enough for a vibrant, new brand to crawl out of that ooze and onto grocery store shelves across Canada. The unique flavour profile of smoked jalapenos, maple syrup, and smoke created enough local buzz and sales for Dave to leave his busboy job and expand the Smoke Show line-up with a spicy mayo, a barbecue sauce, and a spice rub, which have gone on to the same level of success as the flagship hot sauce.

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