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Sol Designs


“Playful, environmentally and socially mindful designs”

Unintentionally, bringing new meaning to raw and natural materials or from recycling is becoming a major part of my work. Working with materials such as wood, felt, leather and metals is always a grounding experience for me; there is something powerful about working with natural material that already has a story and challenging it with new definitions graphically and with organization. “I am influenced by the process of consciously appreciating the relationship between my emotions and the work that I create.”

Colour is a theme I explore in a very simple fashion. Colour tells a story on its own or in relationships with others, just as we do as beings. What is my true colour? What is yours?
Every colour is unique and has its own language.

I've often asked myself if I'm running around in circles, because the circle is a recurrent theme in my work. The circle is my sacred space. Speaking in a “circular language” allows me to focus on its multiple and endless meanings and interpretations – from its physical form, to notions of inclusion, wholeness, unity and finally, the spiritual meanings around the circle. I believe the circle includes us and beckons us, the viewer, to be drawn in and become part of the experience.
-Sol Desharnais

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