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Spreads by Cede


We believe in the power of food to fuel, create, and discover. We use natural, organic ingredients to brighten, subtly sweeten, uniquely flavour, and pack our jars with nutrients.

Our butters are ground up in small batches to a perfect consistent, buttery texture every time, and just the right amount of nutrient dense ingredients are added to infuse each jar with feel good flavours. We use zero refined or unrefined sugars, and no added oils. Each jar has naturally occurring almond oil that allows perfect texture for spreading. Our indulgent nut butters go beyond being a plain spread. Use them to drizzle, swirl, dollop, spoon, or stir into your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anything in between. Check out our recipe page to see how Spreads by Cede almond butter can be used beyond your toast.

Spreads by Cede nutritiously infused nut butters come in six different flavours with an almond base. Flavours include Cacao Maca, Lucuma Turmeric, Acai Blueberry, Beet Ginger, Spirulina Coconut, and Matcha Lavender.

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