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Tasty Heats


Canadian hot sauces with Sri Lanka root!

We are Tasty Heat's Foods, we make hot sauces in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, using authentic Sri Lankan recipes with top Quality Fresh Hot Peppers. We are proud to say that Tasty Heat's hot sauces are the world's 1st Sri Lankan Hot Peppers Sauces, as well as Manitoba's 1st Hot Sauces.

After several years of testing, finally we have turned famous Sri Lankan spices into Tasty Heat's Pepper Sauces.

The bottle labels were created by myself with the influence of Sri Lankan cultures. Our company name got created from the word that my 3 year old daughter repeatedly uses everyday basis. She keeps on repeating"I want Tasty" whenever she needs something yummy. My six year old son always helps me pick out the colours for the labels and my wife confirms the final designs.

The first batch we distributed among our relatives and friends became a huge hit overnight! They were always coming back to us asking for more! As per their request, we started making more quantities to meet the demand.

Cheers! Taste the Heat!

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