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Our Makers


Toasti Bean



Meet the founders:
Hayley Johnston & Thao Lam

As working women (&BFFs), our daily routines consisted of morning and often mid-day pick-me-ups to get through the working day. Some days consisted of multiple walks through the downtown concourse to catch up and refuel.

Come March 2020, the world had other plans and our daily caramel macchiato dates turned into a date with the rusty French press and the who-knows-how-long-this-has-been-sitting-in-the-cupboard coffee. Working from home became the norm and we slowly became the baristas we never knew we wanted to be.

Discovering more about what exactly was in that decadent daily double double with a pump (or four) of French vanilla and other sugary syrups was an eye opener. This inspired us to experiment with infusing freshly roasted coffee beans with fun and delicious flavours, minus all of the extra fixings. We set out to create the perfect infused coffee featuring unique flavours that can be enjoyed multiple ways - whether its a simple cup of black coffee or a frothy latte - Toasti bean was born.

We recognize the importance of self-care and indulgences.

Life is simply too chaotic and weird at times. We believe in taking little moments to treat ourselves when we need it most. Our passion for coffee, sweets and fine details inspired these small indulgences to bring moments of joy into your life.

Introducing...infused coffee

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill coffee… we import coffee sourced from all-women producer groups and co-operatives to make our Toasti Bean coffee. We are proud to support women in agriculture in traditionally gender-imbalanced communities and are committed to building a network that empowers women everywhere.

Community impact:

On a mission to make a difference across the supply chains of products carried by Toasti bean, we are continuously searching for ways to source from Canadian, women business owners wherever we can. This means you can indulge without having to worry who your purchases are supporting.

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