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Twin Lakes Stoneworks


Hi my name is Shauna Laurin, I am the founder of Twin Lakes Stoneworks. I craft unique jewelry using a combination of recycled copper, and glass beads. My signature pieces include beachstones of all shapes and sizes sourced from the shores of Lake Manitoba. Each unique and earthy design is inspired by Manitoba's flora and fauna and is an affirmation of my love of nature. Like snowflakes, no two stones are alike, adding to the appeal of my work.

The beautiful shores of Lake Manitoba or "strait of the great spirit", unveil extraordinary stones of every shape and size. Strong north and south winds send the waves hurling against the limestone shingles along the lake's shore, bringing with them an array of polished pebbles. Once thought to be the voice of the Great Spirit, the rhythmic sound of the waves announces the surrender of these gifts from the depths of the vast lake waters. Nature's remarkable gem is worked until its soft and soothing to the touch, making every piece a truly unique gift.

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