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20 Locally Made Stocking Stuffers Under $40!

The perfect locally made items to stuff your loved ones' stockings.

1. Relaxing Bath Salts

Art Soap Life Botanical Bath Salts, $15.00

2. Natural Beeswax Lip Balm

Raven Creek Farms Beeswax Lip Balm, $3.95

3. Lovely Scented Soap

Ceabloo Soap Co Soap Bar, $16.00

4. Relaxing Holiday Wax Melts

Soy Harvest Aromamelts, $7.00

5. Gorgeous Tinted Lip Balm

Prairie Potions Tinted Lip Love, $8.99

6. Pain Relief Spray

That Stuff for Pain Spray, $12.99

7. Fun, Sparkly Keychains

While in Lockdown Letter Keychain, $14.00

8. Tealights

Farmer's Son Co Tealight Variety Set, $14.00

9. Delicious Treats

Utoffea Handcrafted Toffee, $10.99

10. Scrunchies!

Just B'cause Scrunchie, $9.99

11. Sassy Home Decor

Daisy Thirteen Block, $14.00

12. Home is Where the Heart Is

Huron Woodwork Manitoba Home Block, $40.00

13. Knit Scrunchies!

Hook & Barrel Scrunchie, $7.99

14. At Home Spa Experience

Elle Studio Organics Shower Drops, $22.00

15. Manly Scented Beard Oil

Beard & Brawn Beard Oil, $30.00

16. Add a Bit (Or a Lot) of Spice

Tasty Heat's Chili Paste, $14.99

17. Adorable Magnets

Art Rocks by Karen Art Rock Magnets, $14.00

18. Super Yummy Spice Blends

Gourmet Inspirations Various Spice Blends, $12.99

19. For The Home Bartender

Abiding Citizen Small Batch Bitters, $18.99

20. Gorgeous Magnets

Devon Tomczak Set of 4 Art Print Magnets, $20.00


Visit us in store to purchase these items.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

If you use any of our products, please tag us in photos on Instagram @forkstradingcompany and let us know how you liked it!

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